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Long story short, you've just stumbled across the most fantastic deal in the eyewear industry.

Before MADE, we’ve been customers of other online retailers. We find that while they all have some trendy designs, their quality resembles that of a $2 drug store frame.

To make sure we don’t fall into that category, we source some of the highest quality acetates on the planet, and we realize that quality doesn't end with material. All MADE frames are assembled by highly trained and skilled professionals - ensuring that when your frame reaches your door, we all can be proud that its quality is up to par with some of the most expensive brands. Best of all, we know that you care about price just as much as quality, so we make sure to keep our prices crazy low affordable.

our frames
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Our lenses keep your eyes healthier - whether you are a casual web surfer or a serious book reader.

our lenses

Our lenses are made here in our lab which gives us the privilege to make sure the it’s the best it can be. We provide Single and Progressive lenses for a low price with an option to upgrade to High Index lenses if you desire thinner look with your frames.

Because we continue to live in our technological world, we’ve also added the option to have Digital Protection lenses that reduces the harmful blue-light emitted from our computers and digital screens. Get them with or without prescriptions to keep your eyes healthy and fight those painful headaches.


We have decades of industry experience across our staff and advisory board and have the knowledge and know how to design, source, and deliver the best possible product straight to you. Once upon a time we were just a group of guys and girls working in the optical industry and decided we needed to shake things up a bit. So we packed our bags and shipped off around the world to research why things are done the way they are. In the end, we discovered that with a few minor tweaks to the traditional optical industry model, we could turn the whole thing upside down and provide you, with the ability to purchase a high quality frame for a low price.